Room 13 - Chicago's Speakeasy

Room 13 is the Old Chicago Inn's own private speakeasy. Room 13 is prohibition era bar and true speakeasy, you'll need this week's door passphrase to gain entrance. Each week our resident bartender serves up classic cocktails using recipes and ingredients that hearken from the Jazz Age and earlier. While pouring libations made with the finest ingredients the bartender also shares knowledge of the history of the cocktail, often with cultural anecdotes that bring the Probition-era to life.

Room 13 is one of the best hidden bars Chicago has to offer and as a membership speakeasy potential new members are welcome to make a preview reservation. Reservations and proper dress are required. Guests are asked to follow a cocktail and business casual model. Gentlemen are asked to wear some sort of collar (jacket, button-up, etc.); nice denim is acceptable (no wear and tear); no athletic wear.